At Above we are proud to see one of our clients succeed! We are utterly impressed with KALK bike, its level of design and the attention to detail, but even more so with the overall ambition of the company behind it: to create a sustainable ecosystem of products and services contributing to the vision of a zero-emission world.

With KALK our friends at Cake has won numerous of design and innovation awards. Now the bike will be exhibited at the Design Museum in London. “Being one of the few nominees among six categories is super encouraging,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE. “The fact that we also get to exhibit the bike at the Design Museum for the next six months, in the context of ‘the most original and exciting products, concepts and designers in the world today,’ is extremely flattering.” We are proud to have been part of the early design development of Kalk and we’re looking forward to see what Cake will make to the industry.


KALK side view closeup high.jpg

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