Security Simplified

Smart Dot removes the complexity from the Security system experience.  It guides the user through the process showing only relevant information enabling a seamless user experience.


People are afraid of their alarm systems.

Most conventional systems have an excessive amount of options, buttons and lights overwhelming the user at all times.  The challenge we tackled with Verisure was to design a new arming and disarming experience which allowed for  customers to use their alarm systems confidently and more often while cutting down on false alarms do to misunderstanding the system.

We developed three guiding principles for the Smart Dot project; guidance, flexibility and feedback.

The  foundational concept that we worked from was the idea that only relevant information be displayed at any given time.  Flexible user flows allowed for less false alarms while strong auditory and visual feedback give the user confidence that their intended action was performed correctly

The Smart Dot project resulted in an exceptional user experience packed into a simple unobtrusive package.   Ultimately, users can feel confident when arming and disarming their Verisure systems that their intended action has been carried out .  Safety and confidence replace anxiety and stress with this redesign.


User Guidance

Reduce stress by reducing cognitive load.  Users will be guided through what they can, should and need to do by only present appropriate options.  


Single Gesture Arm & Disarm
Arming should be as easy as disarming the system.  Simplifying the arm paradigm and using appropriate default options will create a better experience. 


Tool Free Authentication
You are the key.  It is crucial that there is at least one disarm method that allows the user to disarm the system without a tool.  


UX Prototypes
Semi-functional UX prototypes were constructed to illustrate the three core UX tracks using unity and powered by Arduino.  The resulting videos provided a much clearer vision for the UX flows and the pros and cons of each concept.   

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About Verisure
Verisure is an security system provider serving over 2 million customers in 14 countries throughout Europe and South America.   There system consists of an ecosystem of interconnected sensors and cameras providing a top-of-the-line service. 


  • Industrial Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Experience Prototyping
  • CMF Design