Our services create positive impact in all parts of the value chain, from innovation to production.



Research, user insights and validation? 


Service components


How do you make sure your company stay relevant in a fast changing business environment and deciding which direction to go in next? 

How does your organisation tackle the increasing speed of new technological shifts? How will the increased demand for sustainable products and services impact your business? We explore, co-create, and validate new strategic directions that better prepare your business and organisation for the future.

Service components
Service Design
Sustainability Strategy
Innovation Management

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Strategic Design

Creating value with our holistic design approach, ensuring the core brand value is reflected in all product touch points, both physical and digital?

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Service components



Strategic Concepting

We translate user insights into tangible ideas and prototypes, ready for testing by real users. Then we take the learnings and do it all again, ensuring a strong foundation for continues investment.  

The true value of strategic concepting is to based on user insight crafting experience evolving existing product portfolios or finding the right path into a new strategic direction,  still connected to the brand DNA.

To create truly disruptive products and services we believe in bringing design, technology and strategy together from the start and through an iterative cross-functional development process to secure  we make sure our clients meet time and budget, and deliver to market without degrading the initial core concept.  

UX prototyping
Video prototyping

Service components
User Insights
Design & Tech Strategy
User Validation


Digital Project

We design and develop products and services from concept to shipping. Physical & digital.

We ensure the quality of our work balancing risk, budgets and timeline using our process and working in our pre-paired teams of designers and engineers.

With our broad range of competences, we enable a process without handovers between design and engineering. With our approach to reduce handovers between competences, the design intent is kept intact all the way into production and your product will be designed and ready for scaling at a predetermined price.

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Design Evolution & Creative Engineering

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We transform your connected hardware concepts into validated products & production solutions, ready to supply your business and clients demands. Always with sustainability in mind!

Our engineering and supply chain teams are specialized in bringing connected devices to production for clients who need to outsource all or parts of the industrialization and manufacturing process. Primarily based in Sweden, but with local presence in China, we handle all aspects from design for manufacturing and assembly to sourcing of tools, production, assembly, Q&A and certification. With a strong focus ensuring the intended user experience is not degraded form the initial core concept and sustainability, we consider a number of factors ranging from material choices and design principles for recycling to social conditions in the supply chain. 

Service components
Design Detailing
Engineering Detailing
Supplier Evaluation

Investment Optimization



Our capabilities

We’re a multitalented rock band of engineers and designers. We believe in a renaissance attitude where everyone is empowered to work and think beyond their primary area of expertise. Our pre-paired approach where designers and engineers work hand in hand enables a way of working without handovers.


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