BLUEAIR - Aware indoor air quality monitor

Making the invisible visible

How does the air you breathe measure up? Blueair’s intelligent sensor Aware analyses air quality and sends detailed info to a smartphone app, allowing users to take quick action when needed.

With the Internet of Things (IoT) era upon us, the Swedish air purifier manufacturer Blueair wanted to flex their innovation muscles and bring connectivity to the world of air quality management.

Our challenge was to understand the IoT technology’s limits and possibilities, and create an ideal product environment for Aware’s advanced sensors. Seamless connection to Blueair’s air purifiers through a smart app would then provide users with an easy way of keeping track of – and improving – their indoor air environment.

In Aware’s development, accuracy and ease of use were crucial aspects. We focused on creating a clean design allowing for adequate air flow, an optimal stacking of internal components, and a no-button, intuitive interface.

Both the design and engineering were tailored for the constraints of the high regulations and requirements as well as manufacturing processes.


Aware was launched in 2015, along with the Blueair Friend app and a new generation of wifi-connected Blueair air purifiers. 

A simple, user-friendly and intelligent solution that easily blends into the home interior, Aware provides users with valuable information about the air they breathe – enabling them to make informed choices concerning their home environment.

Aware won the Best in Show Award at The Showstoppers Event at IFA Berlin 2015, as well as three Envisioneering 2016 awards for Design, Innovation and Style.

Blueair’s Aware sensor is designed to detect hundreds of airborne particles from PM2.5 dust to VOC’s in the air in your home or workplace and send it in real time to a Blueair App that can be downloaded onto a mobile device.
— Johan Skåntorp, head of product development at Blueair.

Instant feedback
Blue or orange? Air quality is displayed with a colour-coded light display – no buttons necessary. More detailed information and statistics are easily accessible through the paired app


Smart alerts
Aware’s super-sensors can instantly detect hundreds of different types of airborne particles – allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other pollutants – as well as carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. A smartphone alerts lets you know when it’s time to do something about your air quality.

Maintaining clean air is becoming more difficult in parts of the world. The Aware will provide you with a reliable air quality monitoring system so that you can react in real time to changes in your environment.” – AllergyBuyersClub
— AllergyBuyersClub

About Blueair
Based in Sweden, Blueair offers powerful, silent and energy-efficient air purification systems – with a sleek, Scandinavian design – for indoor environments. Blueair’s products are used all over the world and have won many international awards.



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