Today we proudly announce the merge of renowned design agency HOWL and the technology powerhouse Frankly, forming a new full stack, innovation agency named Above. This is a major leap in our long and established partnership but also a crucial formation to keep ahead of the game, move fast and create positive impact for our clients globally.

As Above we are a killer combination of globally recognized design and cutting edge technology working seamlessly together to create beautiful, smart and valuable products & services that improve the quality of life. Today and tomorrow. We are a family of friends, designers, engineers, inventors, dreamers, storytellers, thinkers, makers, coders and researchers who strongly believes that great minds don’t think alike.

We provide versatile and agile services with the ability to take on projects from A to Z as well as from A to B without handovers. We help both big multi-national companies and small startups to define and transform their business, products and services by blending strategy, design and technology in one lean process. We’re devoted to breaking down the boundaries between physical and digital solutions by the fusion of hardware, software, apps and services. All to create holistic and disruptive user experiences.

Inventing a better tomorrow is hard work which is best done together. Embracing each other's differences, skills and personalities is how we evolve, remain curious and continue to be an agent for change. Together we are Above.