Starting off as an internal idea with the ambition to enhance the experience of internal video meetings on regular laptops and tables during an extensive work period in San Fransisco back in 2014, the project took a slightly different turn then expected and recently was awarded it's 5th design award, GOOD DESIGN.


The original concept developed over time to include both high end optics, to fit the full team on the screen, as well as ambient light sensor controlled LED's to avoid blurry dark images. 

The product and packaging was designed and detailed by Above and industrialized through our manufacturing solutions and Shenzhen team for our longterm partners Evoko on their mission to make meetings magnificent. 

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Design Awards:
Good Design US
RedDot Design Awards
Good Design Japan
German Design Awards
European Product Design Awards

Evoko Groupie is a perfect fit in today’s organizations where video conferencing through laptops and mobile devices is done on a daily basis. The Groupie doesn’t just allow for everyone to be seen, it also opens up for the use of body language allowing for a more natural communication.
— Richard Glückman, Evoko CEO
One of the things I appreciate the most about working with Above is how thorough they are in everything they do. It doesn’t matter if it is polishing an industrial design until it’s perfect, tweaking and testing a UI to get it just right, optimizing the mechanical and electrical engineering or providing project updates; you can always be certain they will put their harts into it and deliver great results.
— Richard Glückman, Evoko CEO

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