Exger Rebrand Wordmark Montage 1

The Swedish company Exeger is in the forefront of light charging technology. Their invention, a new solar cell, has achieved such a high degree of finesse, flexibility and efficiency that it allows for passive charging of consumer electronics. This works not just in the traditional scenario by direct sunlight but more importantly in the everyday indoor situations by the ambient light cast by your lamps. This as you can imagine makes for a pretty compelling narrative but also a complex one from a marketing and brand perspective.

Exger Rebrand Wordmark Montage 2

Above has worked with Exeger to update their brand and communication platform with the ambition to support the company's leap into new markets unlocked by their fascinating product. The brief was focused on a shift from B2B communication to reaching out to the general public and creating a platform upon which the brand can grow and be recognizable long term.


The overarching strategy was built on a narrative exposing the benefit of everyday light used to help your favourite devices stay fully charged. A big part of the challenge was to help them and the brand be appropriate and look relevant primarily for consumer markets while still catering for b2b relation focusing on tech partners to enable established brands with a sustainable and seamlessly integrated additional source of power. Not an easy task but we gave it our all.

A more in-depth study of this rebrand will follow soon but for now make sure to pay our friends over at Exeger a visit to see some of the touch-points in action.

Exeger Brand Montage