We are happy to announce the 8th Malmö Design Salon at Above 12th of February. The theme is 'Digital & Physical: Design For the Seams'.

We would like to invite you to a discussion about the interplay of bits & atoms, photons & synapses, interfaces & organisms. Digital experiences are not confined to boxy devices with screens any more but continue to permeate the fabric of our everyday life. As the boundaries between digital and physical experiences continue to blur, so do the responsibilities of designers. What could design disciplines learn from each other in this process? How do we collaborate to create the best experiences?

We will host two speakers sharing their experience followed by a panel discussion with input from the audience. There will be plenty of time to mingle before and after, some drinks, refreshments and snacks. 


Roger Andersson Reimer 
Head of Design & Co-Founder @ Topp
Roger is the Head of Design at Topp, where he explores the future of teams, design and connected products. He's jumped from making 90’s-style websites to arranging music gigs to psychology, to marketing, before spending the past 10 years within the design. His Instagram only documents the Swedish nature, even though he spends most of his time working with companies like Samsung, Nike, Miele, PayPal, and Airbus.

Bilgi Karan
UX Responsible @ IKEA
Bilgi is a designer, strategist, and leader. He spent two decades trying to decide between Industrial Design and Interaction Design. Finally, he made peace with the indecision. He worked with great teams ranging from largest companies to the smallest startups and had so much fun doing it. He still likes to imagine that there are tiny people inside computers that cause the bugs.


17.00 Drinks and light food are served

17.15 Welcome

17.20 Speakers

18.00 Panel discussion with input from the audience

18.20 Announcements

18.20 Mingle with more drinks and food

The event will be held in English.
Tickets are free but seats are limited so make sure to get your ticket now. Due to the limited number of seats, we would appreciate it if you could let us know 48h in advance if you can't make it.


This initiative is started by SDN Skåne a group of design professionals from various companies in Malmö with the purpose to share knowledge and collaborate on competence development activities. There are not a lot of events for design professionals to meet up and discuss ideas, challenges or issues that relate to us all. The Malmö Design Salon jumps on that opportunity with a monthly event that travels between design studios with a new theme each time, and hopefully more and more familiar faces.

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