On October 9-11th, we’ll be joining the forces at the Service Design Global Conference 2019, sharing experiences in shaping the future of systemic thinking, service design and sustainable practices.

This years topic of the conference is BUILDING BRIDGES. It is about Service design as approach working toward a better world, celebrating the application of design to the betterment of people, business, government, and the planet. We build bridges between organizations and their customers, between government and its people, between disciplines, between silos, between each other.

As technology continues to pervade our experiences and integrate into our existence, as we question the ethics and inclusivity in the services that shape our lives, as we realize the need to come together in our organizations, communities, and politics, service design stands ready to help build the bridges necessary to design a world that reflects the nature of the practice it is built upon: human-centered, co-creative, and value-driven.

Full conference program here (link).

At Above, service design works in favor of us making sure we and our partners design the right things (while still designing things right) - in a time where products, services, and their eco-systems are growing together blurring lines for how to solve challenges of the future.

The schedule is already packed with talks, workshops, and activities around in the city. But as always, we are happy reuniting with familiar faces, and of course to meet many new good friends.

Please reach out directly to our conference team.

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Hampus Ribbing

Service Designer



Fanny Carlsson

Senior Service Designer