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Letting more people breathe clean air

In setting out to make clean, healthy air for a compact living, we also ended up creating a beautiful piece of home design.



Clean air should be available to everyone. While it may be difficult to control air pollution, we can do a lot about the air we breathe indoors.

There are a lot of great room air purifiers out there – but none addressing a younger audience and their lifestyle. How do you attract a new generation air purifier user?

This got the Blueair team thinking. How could they make a really good air purifier that looks great, is easy to use and maintain, and provides outstanding performance – without breaking the bank?



With Blue, we didn’t just want to create a great air purifier for today’s modern homes. Blue was going to be a product that its owners would actually want to show off.

In a fast-paced, intense collaborative process with the wonderful Blueair team, we gathered user insights and distilled them into user experience drivers, creating a base for our explorative design work.

Thanks to our close team efforts, the ideas that we brought to the Blueair table in Stockholm could be tested and fine-tuned in a day-to-day iterative process all the way through to the finish line.


Together with the Blueair team, we have developed a product that challenges the traditional perception of an air purifier. Blue is an individually adaptable air purifier with powerful performance, low noise levels and a smooth and a modern feel.

Blue is designed for a compact urban living targeting a younger consumer segment, who are highly educated, well-informed and who see a healthy lifestyle as a natural part of their everyday lives, both at home and at work.

I was at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. I received one and took it home, put it in the bedroom. Had the best sleep ever!
— Anonymous US user

A collaborative journey to clean air
Together with Blueair we set out to create an air purifier with the same high performance as their existing products, with a design that could be personalised to the users home.


Style it after your preferences

Blue’s fabric, available in a variety of colours, acts as a replaceable pre-filter – trapping larger particles and extending the main filter’s life span.

World-leading filter technology
High performance, easy usage and good looks make the Blue a great choice to breathe perfectly clean indoor air. Its 360° air intake means it is easy to place wherever you want yet be able to count on outstanding air quality, thanks to world-leading filter technology.


One-button control
You will always find low energy usage, whisper quiet sound levels and recyclable materials in the purifiers. Blue products have great performance for their compact size and are so simple to use, they only have one button!


About Blueair

Based in Sweden, Blueair offers powerful, silent and energy-efficient air purification systems – with a sleek, Scandinavian design – for indoor environments. Blueair’s products are used all over the world and have won many international awards.



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