Humans since 1982 - ClockClock 24

A Time-piece


ClockClock 24 is a hypnotic union of art, time and technology. Thanks to a complete technological overhaul, its production process now runs like clockwork.



As a highly sophisticated art piece, ClockClock 24 had up until our involvement been produced in very small quantities.

Its original production setup indicated that there was room for improvement that could make the art piece technologically stand out.

Its creators, Humans since 1982, asked us to help create a whole new technical solution that would enable higher production volumes with way less scrap – and way more flexibility.


In order to create a streamlined production and a better user experience, an entire overhaul was necessary. We did a complete tear-down of the setup – from mechanical parts and hardware to electronics – and analysed every aspect of the production and assembly process, from start to finish.

The redesign was then applied to two separate areas: DFM (Design for Manufacturing) – a new design of mechanical parts and hardware PCBs - and DFA (Design for Assembly) with a focus on optimising the parts for a leaner, more efficient production process with a higher yield rate.


On the surface, ClockClock 24 is still the same mesmerizingly beautiful piece of art. However, its technology has been revamped to reflect the same level of sophistication as its aesthetics.

The redesigned, moduled-based solution allows for easier updates and repairs. We sourced new production suppliers for both custom and shelf parts, and chose new materials for better functionality – with room for future variation.

In addition, a completely new setup for an in-house assembly line gives the client full control of production. Fully functional engineering prototypes allow them to try out new combinations.


Photos: Joachim Bergström   Scenography: Research & Development

About Humans since 1982
Humans since 1982 are Bastian Bischoff (b. 1982, Germany) and Per Emanuelsson (b. 1982, Sweden). Since meeting as postgraduate students at HDK Göteborg in 2008, the duo have produced works that defy easy categorisation, situated between visual art and product design. Creating objects and experiential installations, their work manages to be analytical with a healthy dose of escapism. The Humans since 1982 studio is based in Stockholm, and now comprises a large group of specialists with different professional and cultural backgrounds.



  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanics Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production setup