We combine strategic thinking with award winning design and cutting edge technology.
Our competences carefully put together to be able to challenge how things are done & drive positive change by solving all challenges, together.


We like to think of design strategy as the “sound” of a company and portfolio. By extracting and defining the soul, values and potential of a company, design strategy is a way to conduct the symphony, continuing the analogy.

We strongly believe in the power of a dynamic and visual design strategy that can evolve over time. If closely aligned with the company’s business strategy it can act as a compass, showing both direction and focus but also inspiration and vision, thus building a powerful and purposeful portfolio, a creative company culture and a strong unified brand.

User Insights
Portfolio planning
Ecosystem design
Design thinking
Competitor analysis
Market positioning


In line with our ambition to create strong and unified experiences we also take on challenges of creating corporate brand identities. Be it through design of an iconic logo, symbol, graphic program or simply a name. By understanding the full story of a brand, combined with our deep knowledge of a brands physical form, we believe that we have a clear competitive edge.

In creating a solid identity we also consider various aspects of product & range graphics, product integration/application, packaging graphics and representation in various media and formats.

Identity foundation


This is the heart of our design competence, the point of origin. The physical product is the body and soul of any manufacturing brand and the importance of this physical interaction point cannot be stressed enough. We’re utterly devoted to designing products and experiences that fulfil and exceed the Brand’s promise, through means of originality, innovation, craftsmanship and precision.

We believe our service of product design is as complete as it gets, with the wide variety of competences, perspectives, people and tools necessary to push limits, make great products and improve business.

User research
Concept development
Physical mock-ups
3D modeling


We are obsessed with great new ideas and once in a while some have such potential that we just need to get involved, in one way or the other. Over the years we have gained valuable experience in taking an idea to a launched product. We’ve learned there are some shorcuts, but the idea is only a few percent and the rest is hard work, creativity and execution. By its nature the start-up demands a relentless vision and devotion of few but also the engagement of many. So often these projects involves our entire stock of competencies and network.

Idea assessment
Value proposition
Product creation
Investment strategy


Our service design offering is created to transform companies, products or businesses by planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its customers.

Ecosystem design
Brand strategy
Journey mapping
User scenarios



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Internet of Things
Firmware development
iOS & Android apps
Web frontend & backend
System architecture



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PCB Design


Our mechanical engineering team has it's roots in the mobile industry and have decades of experience brining quality products to the market. Working tightly together with design, electronics and manufacturing specialists from day one in the projects doesn't only allow us to increase level of innovation by looking at challenges from different angels, feeding the process with enablers and quickly verifying ideas. With a fundamental mindset that we design and create concepts at an early stage which with minimum divination form original intent can be produced and brought to the market, user experience, risk, time to market, cost and manufacturability is constantly considered. Wether a first product size estimate is being done or the final details of 2D and 3D are approved for tooling. 

Part design
Cross-functional concepting
Advanced materials
Design for manufacturing
Design for assembly


One of the most critical parts of the process to ensure that the products we create can really create value for our clients and their end-users is ensuring a manufacturing strategy which fits the specific product and client needs. This is influenced by a wide range of factors stretching from assembly complexity and visual requirements to MOQs (minimum order quantities) and cashflow. 

Our supply chain and manufacturing team is global and works tightly with our clients to ensure a solution is tailored to fit their needs as well as close to factories in Asia or Europe. This is vital to secure all steps through the process from creating the supply chain strategy, to terms negotiations and quality assessments, both during development and continuously through the production during the products life time. 

The manufacturing team is also mapping and assessing impact of the product and production from both an environmental and social point of view to create foundations for responsible decision making for longterm sustainability.  


Supply chain strategy
Supplier matching
BOM management
Terms negotiation
Quality assessment