ETTO - Scalpel Racing Helmet

Ready, set, flow

 The right helmet can mean the difference between life and death – but it can also make or break your race results. Etto asked us to give their new racing helmet that extra edge, taking them ahead of the competition.

Safety, speed and style are not always easy to combine. With Etto’s next-generation racing helmet, we had to nail all three. While offering robust protection, it also needed to be lightweight and well-ventilated.

Aerodynamics and ergonomics had to work together to create a comfortable fit while shaving seconds off race results. Last but not least, high visibility – in all light conditions – was a vital safety factor.

As always, we started with the user in mind, designing the helmet from the inside out. By studying head sizes and shapes, we optimised the interior surfaces for superior ergonomics and fit, with minimum pressure points and balanced ventilation for the best possible airflow.

Based on the CAD design, foam models were milled and hand-shaped to try out ventilation patterns and create a strong, characteristic shape. The foam models were then scanned and imported into our 3D software, and their aerodynamic properties were evaluated with a special simulator before the final design tweaks were made.

Scalpel is an ergonomic, lightweight racing helmet with a breezy airflow, super-smooth aerodynamics and high visibility for optimal safety. Top-notch performance and superior design have made Scalpel the official choice of the Norwegian national bicycle team.

With Scalpel, Etto has re-established itself as a major player in the bicycle helmet industry, with boosted sales and increased market presence.

Scalpel became a starting point for our long, ongoing collaboration with Etto. Since then, it has led to more helmet development projects, allowing Etto to expand and revitalise their product portfolio.

Above is exceptional in creating products or concepts with a unique touch. Above has a broad experience and depth in their team, so they have been able to allocate resources matching my expectations in the different projects. The Above team is also far ahead on methods that simplifies and helps the processes in product development.
— Kristian Torgersen Product Mangar HTS Group

Razor-sharp design
Made for racing, the Scalpel combines smooth curves with exceptional ventilation and a super-comfy, lightweight feel.


The future's so bright
Sunny out? High friction material is used to securely hold sunglasses in place.


Night rider
Discreet by day, unmissable by night. High rear visibility is ensured with accent signature elements, and a reflective surface for increased safety.

The computer-generated 3D surfaces were imported into our simulation software to evaluate the Scalpel’s aerodynamics.

About Etto
Ever since helmets were first introduced to the world of cycling in the 1980’s, Etto has been one of Scandinavia's leading brands within protective headwear for cycling and, eventually, skiing. Their helmet portfolio focuses on safety, quality, functionality and design. Etto has been a partner of the Norwegian road racing team Team Joker for many years, and has also supported a number of other talented road racing and off-road teams and cyclists.


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