A green oasis in the corporate desert.


Imagine working at a company with hundreds of meeting rooms. Finding a free one for that quick meeting can be a daunting task through Outlook or Google Calendar.

It is a great pain to find rooms for spontaneous meetings.

With Evoko Get A Room, you can ease the pain with delight. Easily find rooms that are just the right size, for the right duration, with the right equipment.




We started with really forming a deep empathy with current users of typical systems who work at larger corporations as well as smaller companies. We interviewed many office workers and soon realized how hard it is to find rooms quickly. After creating discreet alternative prototypes, we tested each one again with the users. It turned out that people wanted simplest of interfaces but still keeping it fun. So we decided to work with natural phrasing of how you would ask an assistant to book a room.




The app is built on this natural language that starts with “Find me a room at … with …”. We applied a witty tone to the UX Writing that supports a message Evoko is very good at: “We makeameetings magnificent”. Every transition and every screen is tailored for the busy office worker that is looking for a little glitter… A splash of color in the all-grey-in-grey office environment.