Welcome to the Above family!

Above is an environment where an independent and a self-propelled mindset is highly valued. We take pride in taking ownership and handling personal responsibility without having to ask for permission, presenting ways forward and the possibilities, both from a project perspective as well as helping develop and mold the culture and future of the company.


We drive positive change.


We help the bold unfold tomorrow.


Above is an innovation agency driving positive change through a seamless fusion of strategy, design and technology.


Be an explorer
‘What if?’ is a wonderful question, and we ask it constantly. We challenge every norm and experiment fearlessly – try, fail, try again. Along the way, we make sure to inspire others and have some serious fun.

Embrace co-creativity
We can’t do it alone, and we don’t want to. We’re one team, including our users and clients. Brilliant ideas come from listening, sharing, saying what we really think, and reveling in glorious diversity.

Make things work
We strive for beautiful functionality in everything we do. Whether it’s a product, solution, business relationship or experience, we consider every aspect and refine each detail to make sure we’re always spot on.

Take Responsibility
When you create the future, you also have to care for it. We have the power to change things, and we take that seriously. We make a difference by solving problems that matter, using resources thoughtfully and daring to ask difficult questions.