FLIR - C2 Thermal imaging camera

More than meets the eye

Detecting hidden flaws before they become a problem is an everyday issue in the construction industry. FLIR asked us to take their world-leading thermal imaging technology and make it pocket-friendly.

The FLIR C2 is the world's first full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed for a wide range of applications.

From the start, the construction industry has trusted FLIR’s thermal imaging tools to find energy leaks, hot spots and other structural defects invisible to the eye. This time, FLIR wanted to build their thermal camera technology into a compact, everyday work tool – easy to slip into your pocket, and just as easy to use.

We needed to figure how to fit FLIR’s full-feature, highly sophisticated thermal camera into a small format without compromising on usability. Also, in the construction industry, wear and tear is a fact of life – so a rugged, robust design was an absolute must.

We started out with a blank piece of paper. As the C2 was to be the first product of its kind,  we conducted user studies to find out how thermal cameras were being used, and how they could become even better.

Only after doing our homework did we start to explore new concepts and design solutions, striving for the perfect balance between performance, usability, ergonomics and size. Here, our extensive experience of smartphone design proved extremely valuable.

From the first design sketches through to the final product – and including the GUI – we made sure to align the C2 with FLIR’s design strategy, which we had also helped develop.

The C2 is a slim, super-portable thermal camera with intuitive handling and a sleek but tough feel. Its rugged casing with high friction materials gives great protection and grip in harsh environments.

Having this powerful assessment tool at hand makes it easy for construction professionals to check repair results and reveal hidden defects. In sales situations, the C2 can be used to quickly demonstrate and discuss potential problem areas for clients.

All in all, the C2 is a lightweight contender with heavyweight performance, once again proving FLIR’s position as a forerunner in thermal imaging.

I’d seen the FLIR C2 at a demonstration last year and thought it was pretty cool. When I got it in my hands and began to realize how powerful this $699 unit is, I realized I was holding a game changer for entry level thermography.
— Pro Tool Reviews

There when you need it
Slim but rugged, the C2 easily slips into your pocket – but not out of your hand. A loophole for straps allows for even quicker access.

Rough and ready
Protective design features keep the sensitive IR and optical lens safe from the hazards of the construction environment.

User-friendly interface
The easy-to-use touchscreen has extra protection to guard against bumps and scratches.

About FLIR
FLIR Systems develops and manufactures technologies that enhance perception and awareness. Their broad range of innovative sensing solutions includes thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection.


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