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A green oasis in the corporate desert



Meetings can be painful. With Evoko Get A Room, you can find meeting rooms that are just the right size, for the right duration, with the right equipment – effortlessly and delightfully.



Not only meetings are painful but also the sheer endless search for a matching room. And to find one that’s free for a spontaneous meeting can be a daunting task through Outlook or Google Calendar. How can we create an interface that is not yet another organiser, calendar, note and reminder app, but actually helps you booking a meeting? An interface that assists you and turns the painful and boring activity into a fun and easy one.

We started with forming a deep empathy with users of typical systems who work both at larger corporations and smaller companies. We interviewed many office workers and soon realized how hard it is to find rooms quickly. After creating several alternative prototypes, we tested them with the users. It turned out that people wanted the simplest of interfaces while keeping it fun. We used natural and casual phrasing as if you would ask an assistant to book a room.

The experience is built on this everyday language that starts with “Find me a room at … with …”. We applied a witty tone to the UX Writing that supports a message Evoko is very good at: “We make meetings magnificent”. Every transition and every screen is tailored for the busy office worker that is looking for a little glitter… A splash of color in the all-grey-in-grey office environment.

Meetings made magnificent
— Evoko
Book it
Meet up

No muss, no fuss
The Get a Room app gives you exactly what it name implies: Effortlessly book a meeting room and manage your bookings.




Find the room you're looking for
Select filters such as time, capacity or equipment to quickly find a suitable meeting room. See the best matches first. If you're flexible, get alternative options.

Hooray! The room is booked!
After you successfully booked a meeting room, you can share or undo the booking instantly.



See all your bookings at a glance. 
Get an overview and manage all your upcoming meetings: When and where is the next meeting? Share it with others to invite them the meeting or cancel the meeting.


About Evoko
Evoko are Swedish, design-driven innovators dedicated to making professional gatherings smoother, more cost-efficient and stylish. They aspire to give you the perfect setup for magnificent meetings. The rest is up to you.


  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Software Development