jabra - Sports pulse

Your heartbeat in your ear

When Jabra decided to take sports wearables into uncharted territory, they came to us. We helped design the Jabra Sports Pulse – the world’s first wireless headset that keeps track of your heart rate as well as your overall workout.

Besides boosting your training with great tunes, the ear is a sweet spot for measuring body metrics. Jabra set out to integrate an biometric pulse sensor into a wireless headset design, for a truly unique, premium experience.

Our challenge was to find a way to fit a highly complex technology into the ear – and make sure it stayed put, throughout high-intensity, sweaty workouts. As human ear shapes are as unique as fingerprints, a perfect individual fit was essential – not to mention a seriously cool look and feel.

We set out to give the product a pure, iconic design that reflected its unique position as the first of its kind. As the IR sensor’s performance was highly dependent on a perfect fit, we explored Jabra’s extensive ergonomic libraries, where hundreds of individual 3D ear scans are stored.

Using these for reference, we worked out how to create a scalable, comfortable and secure fit without compromising on performance. Together with Jabra, we slimmed down the components until we finally had a great-looking, high-performing product that fit beautifully and could be produced in large volumes.

The Jabra Sports Pulse and its sibling Sports Coach are powerful, rugged products with US military-grade resilience and clinical-grade accuracy. Interchangeable ear wings and gels provide a truly individual fit, with wireless technology for complete freedom of movement.

Despite their small, compact size, the earbuds deliver up to 5 hours of high-quality audio and phone calls. Real-time audio coaching and post-workout training analysis allow users to track and improve their performance. All in all, the Sports Pulse is a phenomenal headset that has more than proven Jabra’s pole position in sports technology.

Snug fit
Earbuds that fall out are definitely one of our biggest workout peeves. Thanks to a smart combo of gel and wings, these ones stay put, no matter what.

They’re lightweight, really comfy to wear and they’re some of the most secure headphones we’ve tried

Tired of your headphone cable getting caught and accidentally yanking out your earbuds? Wireless technology allows complete, tangle-free freedom.


About Jabra
Jabra is a global producer of intelligent sound solutions, creating innovative headsets and headphones for sports, work and leisure. Jabra is a part of GN Store Nord, with over 140 years of experience in designing state-of-the-art communications solutions.


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