POC - Trabec

A new crown for the trail bike kings

We crafted a simple and iconic POC identity for the bike category, with a product that clearly took a stab at the conventional, cluttered look of other bike accessories.


An established player in the winter sports arena, POC was quick at identifying new opportunities, and had a solid strategy for taking their brand potential and product knowhow into new fields. Back then, helmets were sold with promises of massive amounts of ventilation and dynamic, futuristic looks. In contrast, with their Scandinavian heritage, POC has always been about simplicity and purity, premium functionality and robust design. This collision between worlds was where Above came in. We were asked to take the best of both, and create a design that met all the needs of an avid cyclist, while being true to the POC brand.

To translate POC’s solid design DNA into a sophisticated blend of tough protection and high-performing ventilation, we worked close together with their tech team, learning our way around impact zones, air flow and the volumes needed for head protection.

In a parallel process, we iterated back and forth with hole patterns, layouts and placements, while also sketching and shaping with paper, 3D and foam models. In this way we could truly understand the design on the drawing table and – most important – how it would look and feel when worn.

The Trabec helmet became a game-changing, iconic product hero that opened the door to the MTB scene. The Trabec has won numerous innovation and design awards; most importantly, it has become a favourite within the bike community.

Fantastic sales volumes and massive media and press coverage make the POC Trabec one of our most successful collaborations – demonstrating the power of disruptive, innovative product development.

Härlig bild copyright POC

About POC
POC is a Swedish company that develops and markets personal protective gear for gravity sports athletes and cyclists. Their mission is to help save lives and reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists, by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about. Their product portfolio includes helmets, eyewear, apparel and accessories for skiing, snowboarding and cycling.



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