SHFT - Virtual running coach

Putting power in your step

If you’re a runner, you can probably recite your average distance and pace in your sleep. However, when it comes to technique, how do you know whether you’re on the right track?

We helped design SHFT – the world’s first virtual running coach, based on artificial intelligence. Its instant voice feedback helps runners fine-tune their technique with every step, correcting bad habits before they become injuries. The results: better, faster and happier runners.

Running technique involves a complicated range of parameters, from step length to landing angle, making it hard to gauge one’s own running style – let alone how it can be improved.

The SHFT team – themselves a group of avid, professional runners – envisioned an intelligent tool with real-time step analysis and instant feedback. Besides being able to accurately translate a multitude of data into clear, specific instructions, SHFT had be user-friendly, weather-proof and fun to use.

While other trackers measure data from a single point – the wrist or foot – SHFT uses two intelligent pods to track and analyse the full body running style via a number of running metrics. The runner is then given simple instructions as to how to adjust their movements so as to run more efficiently, with maximum propulsion and power.

We focused on giving SHFT’s artificial intelligence a human feel, with a user experience tailored to the individual runner. Whether professional or amateur, we wanted SHFT to make it easy for the runner to learn – and maintain – a good technique.

With SHFT, we have created a completely new running experience. With live voice feedback during runs, as well as a full report afterwards, SHFT allows runners to identify and address problem areas, and minimise the risk of injury.

The running world has welcomed SHFT as a strong new player in training technology, and the virtual coach is being used by many elite athletes.

SHFT is an outstanding product for those who love to run
and want to optimize their running style, so you can become a better runner
— Stina Troest, European finalist at the 2015 Olympic

Passion for running
When running is done right, it becomes easier and more enjoyable. SHFT gives runners all over the world the opportunity to tap into their full potential and take their running to a new level.

Clip and grip
SHFT is easy and comfortable to wear. Using a spring-loaded metal clip, the pod can be fastened to the side of the shoe without interfering with shoelaces. A silicone back with a grip pattern allows for optimal positioning.

Personal coach
The SHFT app translates running metrics into simple, actionable and real-time coaching instructions. By following these instructions in real time, the runner gradually “unlearns” bad habits and builds up a more efficient technique.

Step-by-step progress
After each run, SHFT provides a personal report with a complete overview of running statistics, improvements and problem areas, allowing runners to track their progress over time.

Watt – for optimised training
SHFT works with Watt, a new metric designed for more efficient running sessions. Watt is the sum of the power spent on moving forward, braking, bouncing and in lateral movements. Using Watt, SHFT helps ensure that the runner is not over-working during a long run or going too slow during an interval training session.

One pod on your chest …
Worn around the chest, the chest pod keeps track of body angle and body bounce to help improve running posture.

… the other on your foot
Clipped onto the side of the shoe, the foot pod analyses a long series of metrics, for instance step length, ground contact time, landing position, landing angle, and running pace.


Before, During and After
SHFT App lets you plan your training, gives you realtime feedback, plus extended instructions after each run.

About SHFT
SHFT was founded as a startup in Copenhagen in 2014 by three professional runners, in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen. From the start, SHFT has been working on creating the world’s most intelligent virtual running coach. SHFT’s mission is to help runners worldwide reduce the risk of injury while improving their running technique and energy consumption.



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