From A - Z in 12 months

They say there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. However, at Above, we love making good products even better. So, when product developer Unikia asked us to reinvent the spatula – and a dozen other kitchen utensils – we got cooking.

The brief we were given was clear: to design and develop a brand-new series of 8–12 kitchen tools. The products were to be launched within twelve months, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Oh, and one more small detail – each tool had to be the best on the market

We started off by putting together an initial list of about 40 products that showed development potential. How could they be made better, cooler, smarter and more user-friendly?

After performing countless tests on existing products,  a final selection was designed and developed in close collaboration with Norwegian Bocuse d’Or chef Geir Skeie.

In a relatively short time, we succeeded in introducing a completely new brand to an extremely tough market.

Best in Test stands out as a series of kitchen tools with a unique focus on functionality, details and quality materials, all working together to enhance and simplify the user experience.

For serious cooking
Developed together with master chef Geir Skeie, each tool features a streamlined design with optimal handling and precision.

Simplicity, made better
We took what worked and made it work better. And got rid of the useless stuff.

Get a grip
Well-balanced angles and sleek silicone coatings let you flip your fish and fold your egg whites like a boss.

More juice, less mess
Behind every detail of the juicer lies a painstaking design process. The results: a smooth, practical tool that does its job beautifully without creating a mess.

Tried and tested
Bizarre amounts of oranges were squeezed in the process of creating a non-squirt, drip-free design. Good thing for us that we love orange juice.

From A-Z
Above was involved in the entire process, from idea to shipping box. 

About Unikia
Unikia is a Scandinavian-based product development company with more than 20 brands and over 300 innovative products that solve both large and small problems.


  • Brand design, strategy & naming
  • Industrial design
  • Product user experience
  • Graphic design
  • Mechanics engineering
  • Supply chain management