Volumental - foot scanner

Shoe fit is more than a number

Not all feet are created equal – but with Volumental’s technology, the perfect fit is just a quick scan away.  We were asked to create an attractive hardware for in-store foot scanning, with a smooth user experience and a high recognition factor. Using our extensive hardware design and engineering skills, we worked closely with Volumental in the creation process, combining their software and UI with a fully finished piece of hardware.


50% of women – and 30% of men – buy shoes with the wrong fit. In addition to the obvious question of comfort, a well-fitting shoe helps feet walk further, run faster and avoid injury.

However, finding the perfect fit can be a tiresome process of trial and error – all too often ending with the latter. It’s a lose-lose situation for footwear manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike – not to mention their feet.

Volumental developed the technology and UX for in-store foot scanning. Together, we worked closely on combining it with an attractive hardware solution.


The Volumental Scanner is a complete plug-and-play solution consisting of a scanner, a tablet and built-in software. It scans both feet in a matter of seconds, displaying 3D models together with key measurements. Using this information, retailers can then recommend the best shoes for an optimal fit. Customer data is securely stored in the Volumental cloud for future purchases.

Besides the advantages of an accurate, digitalised fitting process for the shopping experience, Volumental provides manufacturers with a wealth of valuable information for product development, marketing etc.


For retailers, Volumental means a smarter, more efficient retail process with less product returns and higher customer satisfaction.

Consumers, in turn, report greater product confidence – 79% say they would prefer to visit a store with a scanner. In short, the shopping experience has become more enjoyable.

For manufacturers, Volumental has opened up new possibilities for product customisation on a large-scale basis.

Volumental is making bespoke tailoring as accessible as taking a smartphone snap

Inside information
Key data – from foot length to ankle circumference – are displayed together with advanced 3D models on a tablet with a user-friendly interface.

Step on it
The foot scanner is easy to set up and use – and looks kind of wicked, if you ask us.

About Volumental

Volumental, a Stockholm-based startup, has built the world’s most consumer centric digital sales clerk that helps consumers find the perfect products based on their body shape and personal taste. Currently focusing on footwear, Volumental has customers in over 20 countries, and collaborates with a number of the world’s foremost retailers and brands.



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