Age is just a number



Aleks WIP text below


Over the past decade, the smartphone has dominated the market...

The target group is getting more an more technologically skilled and at the same time younger in both mind and body.

Do a follow up to the very successful Doro 612.

The design...

Our concept comes to life based on a long tradition of the unique DORO design language established with the senior user in focus. Doro 6050 is designed to bring a sense of simplicity, safety and strengthen the connection between the user and people in their lives. 

The soap shape rests comfortably in the hand and the soft touch surface on the backside provides a warm tactile feedback. Bold trim surrounds the camera element in the front, while the prominent expanding opening on the sides draws attention to the device’s core and interaction experiences. Details are intentionally applied to emphasize areas that matter most to users. The assistance button pops with a strong color and a groove pattern that invites tactile engagement right at your fingerprints.


The process…

Through qualitative interviews, market research and profound testing we build the foundation to form our approach. We mapped out user behaviour and decoded key scenarios to better understand their needs. 

Supported with physical mockups and prototypes through the project assured us of not compromising on usability and still keep true to the brand values of Doro.


Other features worth highlighting in one way or the other...

- Doro 6050 is an easy to use mobile phone with a stylish thin clamshell design that protects the keyboard when not in use.

- Large and easy to read screen for a phone of this size. 

- Large sized keyboard

- Properly separated buttons with high contrast.

- Accentuated assistance button is on the back side for fast and easy access. 

- Extra loud and clear sound. 

- Camera and flashlight buttons for quick access.

- Build in lanyard holder.


Answering a call and end a call by simply open and closing the phone. 

When the phone is closed there is now access to the keypad anywhere and therefore you don't have to remember to lock the phone and therefore you wont accidentally dial or press any numbers on the keypad.


/ Aleks




"Doro introduced the first easy to use mobile phone for senior citizens in 2007. The focus for Howl in this project was to create an elegant and easy to use flip phone, with an accentuated emergency button on the back and a second screen on the front, the refreshed product creates a simplified  experience for the senior citizens of today"


With the new card reader, the user and the merchants are offered a whole new user experience.
— iZettle