Wireless magnetic attraction

When released in 2012, JABRA Rox was the absolute pinnacle of wireless sound, both in comfort, sound and style, oh, and antenna, never dropping that bluetooth connection. 


Jabra's challenge to us was simple: design and engineer the best and most beautiful wireless BT headset on the market. And make it fit all ears but also all the technology and antennas.



When designing in-ear wearables it's critical to balance ergonomics, technology and aesthetics in a miniature composite. Hence we did numerous iterations, comfort studies on standards from thousands of ears and endless sketches to find the right expression of subtle and confident quality.

We also wanted to disrupt the current market & competition by raising the bar of quality, miniaturisation and performance , adding metal details, custom fit ear gels for all ears and also a unique and at the time unparalleled antenna concept.

The final product called Rox turned out to be a success on the market, propelling both Jabra's mobile segment and business but also generally raising the standard for wireless headsets. 

Innovations such as the uncompromised antenna, the magnetic snap controls and the anodised aluminium caps all contributed to making Rox an iconic product and Jabra a stronger brand.

The Rox, available in white and black versions, is excellently designed
— PC Mag

Superior connection
Wirelessness usually comes at a cost of poor reception, easily explained by the receiving antennas usual position far inside the ear. With Rox we wanted to really pay attention to this massive user experience flaw and instead extracting the BT antenna all the way out to the cable, giving Rox the best Bluetooth connection on the market at the time. Interesting enough, some years later Apple reached the same conclusion  in their AirPods.


Oh, how we love magnets
Hall sensors and magnets allow you to simply snap the buds together to turn them off and just take them apart to turn them on. Easy as that.


Full metal jacket
The anodised metal body gives Rox an durable and qualitative look while also supporting the magnetic snap functionality. 

The process
Fitting technology in your ear in an ergonomic, efficient and comfortable way required a deep iterative process of ideas, sketches, prototypes. A constant iterative loop testing form a fit on as many people and ears as possible. 


Jabra is a global producer of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions. They employ around 875 people and have sales offices all over the globe.  Jabra is a part of GN Store Nord, with over 140 years of experience in designing state-of-the-art communications solutions.


  • Industrial design
  • Product user experience
  • CMF
  • Mechanics engineering
  • Supply chain management