We transform businesses, brands, products & services by preparing them for the markets & needs of the future. Our services are tailored to create positive impact in all parts of the value chain, from innovation to production. From ideas to shipping boxes.


How do you make sure your company stay relevant in a fast changing business environment? How does your organisation tackle technological shifts? What is the impact of an increasing demand for sustainable products and services?

In order to future proof your business you need to look ahead and make sure to continuously create substantial new value to your customers. Based on business objectives, we support strategic decision making using design tools to explore, co-create and define new directions.


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The true value of strategic concepting is about refining the purpose of the client’s business, crafting the user experience and ultimately connecting it to the brand DNA.

To create truly disruptive products and services we believe in bringing design, technology and strategy together from the start and through an iterative cross-functional development process we make sure our clients meet time and budget, and deliver to market without degrading the initial core concept.  

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Tomorrow will be a more digital & sustainable world than today. Our swat teams will take you into this future: holistic mixed disciplinary designers that will look at your challenge from a top down perspective: from above. We can co-create at early concept stage, make tangible future visions, prototype smart MVPs, build connected companion apps, push mixed reality & immersive digital layers through physical spaces. We're at our best shaping the bleeding edge of what's possible together with some of the bravest clients in the world. We help them bridge the digital to physical gap along the entire customer journey - connecting design & technology talent in a unique creative environment to constantly break new ground.

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We design and develop products and services from early concept all the way to shipping experiences. We ensure the quality of our work balancing risk, budgets and timeline using our process and working in our pre-paired teams of designers and engineers.

With our broad range of competences, we enable a process without handovers between design and engineering. With our approach to reduce handovers between competences, the design intent is kept intact all the way into production and your product will be designed and ready for scaling at a predetermined price.

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Our supply chain team will support in matching our clients with the right sourcing strategy and working together with the supplier in setting up the production on-site in China with our people on location, or locally in Sweden in the cases this shows to be a more sustainable, flexible or cost efficient solution.

We handle all aspects of sourcing from quoting to tooling, production, assembly, Q&A and certification of products ranging from simple mechanical designs to fully connected consumer products.

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We are forward thinking in everything we do and this permeates our vision of sustainability. We strive for meaningful innovation that is sustainable for planet, people, and business- today and tomorrow.

Our approach is thinking outside of the traditional linear life cycle of products, exploring circular design strategies and how business profit can be combined with the principles of circular economy.  It is an integrative and transformative way of working with sustainability, where we go beyond metrics and numbers and view these complex issues through a system perspective. 

We offer advice within sustainability based on client needs, ranging from business innovation to product evaluations. The offering includes circular business model workshops, strategic sustainability work, environmental impact evaluations and circular product development. Some activities can be offered as stand alone projects, but the real magic happens when sustainability is an integrated part of our innovation process. 



We’re a multitalented rock band of engineers and designers. We believe in a renaissance attitude where everyone is empowered to work and think beyond their primary area of expertise. Our pre-paired approach where designers and engineers work hand in hand enables a way of working without handovers.



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