Welcome to Above

We are a Scandinavian innovation agency that creates beautiful, smart, valuable products and services that improve life. Today, and tomorrow.

Through a seamless fusion of strategy, design and technology, we transform businesses, brands, products and services and equip them for the future. We help them tell relevant and meaningful stories, creating real relationships between brand, product and user. And ultimately, we help make the world an easier, nicer and cooler place to live in.


How we roll

Our holistic, everyone-on-board approach has proven successful in taking strong concepts and iconic products from sketchpad to market – and beyond, into people’s everyday lives.

Building disruptive user experiences is all about seeing the bigger picture. Nowadays, the idea of a designer handing over a concept to an engineer for implementation just doesn’t cut it. In today’s complex world, we believe in bringing tech, design, brains and hands together from day one.


Clients & engagements

Longterm partnerships built on trust is in our DNA, we were even born in a fusion.

Our primary business model is supporting clients all over the globe, from agile start-ups to the most well known industry leaders in longterm collaborations on consultancy basis. But we are as curious and flexible in our way of doing business as in our way of building teams & creating products, so we also engage based on royalties, equities and ventures. 


Our people

We are one big mirrorball of inventors, strategists, dreamers, entertainers, thinkers, doers, coders, designers, storytellers, researchers and engineers who strongly believe that great minds don't think alike.
Therefore, we embrace each other's differences, skills and personalities, to see ourselves evolve and grow – as a team, and as human beings.


Life at Above

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