Accessibility in the blink of an eye

Navigating today’s fast-paced world is a challenge in itself. Through gaze-controlled communication, Tobii empowers people with limited mobility to explore their physical and digital surroundings on their own terms.


Tobii asked us to help them create a product that could give people with limited mobility the freedom to communicate, interact and participate in society on the same terms as anyone else.

From spinal cord injuries to autism and ALS, the specific difficulties that Tobii’s users face vary widely. We needed to create a complete, all-in-one solution that could provide them with the tools they needed for clear, confident communication and hands-free access to the digital world.

This meant we would have to pack huge amounts of technology into a compact, on-the-go product, make it rugged enough to withstand daily wear and tear, and – of course – make it easy and fun to use.


Getting to know your target group is always a vital part of a new project, but in this case it was extra important to learn about our users and the challenges and limitations they face on an everyday basis. We started off by going through Tobii’s in-depth user studies, and closely analysed the UX journey so as to distinguish top-priority functionality from support features.  

Together with Tobii, we put together a cross-disciplinary team including experts on industrial design, UX design, mechanical engineering and more, enabling us to work seamlessly across different fields.

With Tobii’s users being so diverse in their physical limitations and capabilities, we needed to provide them with a full range of tools for input and communication. We took the best eye tracking technology available and combined it with high-quality speakers, speech recognition and speech-optimised output, switch input and infrared control. 


Sleek, lightweight and user-friendly, the EyeMobile Plus is an all-in-one communication solution for people with physical and mobility challenges. Through a bracket-and-tablet setup, it provides hands-free communication tools and gaze-controlled access to computers, internet, e-books, social media, education, entertainment and much more. A long battery life ensures dependable, worry-free use.

Its little brother, the PCEye Plus, replaces the standard keyboard and mouse with a combination of eye tracking, dictation, switch and IR, allowing users to navigate and control their computer using only their eyes.

While we are proud of having helped create products that make the world more accessible to more people, we are also happy to have further strengthened Tobii’s position on an extremely competitive market.


No more battery-life anxiety
The EyeMobile Plus bracket can sustain itself with energy for up to 4 hours. Once exhausted, the bracket draws power from the tablet. A battery watcher helps keep track of remaining power.

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Freedom at a glance
From online gaming and social networking to financial spreadsheets, the PCEye Plus gives its users complete access to all the functions of their laptop or small desktop computer. This translates to greater personal freedom, a richer social life and better working opportunities.age.


About Tobii
Radinn was founded from a life-long dream of shredding across the water independently from the wind, waves, or boat. Original founder Philip Werner met with enthusiast Alexander Lind, who together created a team of extreme sport fanatics - who also happened to be engineeres, entrepreneurs, supply chain specialists, industralists and financiers.



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