Did you know that 80% of companies say they deliver “superior” customer service, but only 8% of customers agree? You are in the era of the customer, and it is safe to say that most creatives are on par with that great customer experience is grounded in the actual needs and desires of the people. Above strives to do good to the real world, and that all we do unfolds from the movements of the market, current and new user groups, and evolving technologies. Learn more why a service design approach is a perfect tool for us to further elevate in creating value for our clients.


“A sort of spider in the web of product and service systems”


At Above, the service designer works as a central horizontal, linking the digital world to the physical and the customer to the organization, ensuring what we create has the highest value output while craving the least effort from the organization. We make the complex understandable.


“Which solutions have the highest value output for the invested effort - what do the insights say?”


What uttermost differentiate us is, we go tangible fast. The thing with insights and data is, not only can these be perceived as abstract but don’t start to make sense until further down the line of our design process when prioritizing to run at solution A, B, C, and D.


Zooming in on the perspective of the organization, our dear client. Moreover, a rather painful reality check. It doesn’t matter how excellent, shiny, costly services or products we build. If the superheroes that are supposed to keep the operations running after launch are not on board with how this change will profit their self-image, I guarantee you, failure will happen. It is your most valuable bridge to build, and an investment that will make it or break it.


“No matter what they tell you, it's always a people problem”


To make change happen, we have learned that starting with the backstage of the organization - moving over the line of visibility to the front stage and back again - is the way to go. Front stage, we gain empathy for customers and uncover the hidden synergies between other companies influencing the experience, even determining it. In 2017, organizations in the US alone spent over $1 billion to improve employee engagement. Having calibrated the current climate of processes, systems, and relations backstage for numerous companies ourselves, we get that people thrive and adopt change only when they;

  • Understand purpose “why are we doing this?”

  • Feel motivated “what’s in it for me?”

  • See & touch positive results “this had a benefit for me”

Yes, it is usually about communication, the usual suspects being inefficient means of internal communication, contradicting KPI’s and self-image of employees of what the organization is doing and solving, for who. Safe to say, it’s always a people problem.


“Happy customers pay, angry customers talk”


Zooming out and summing up. Let’s build customer centricity by creating seamless, logical, responsible customer experiences where;

  1. Customers have chosen you, happy to pay for your services,

  2. Employees are motivated and aligned on the target, cross-functionally,

  3. Processes and work procedures are optimized, tough enough to withstand new challenges,

  4. Work tools are up to date with your operation needs,

  5. Systems are compliant,

  6. Partners patchwork your business.


Where to begin?

We set the optimal team of individuals for the task, all aligned on the challenge, with one number to call. Our wide knowledge base - with heads in the usability game, hands in creative engineering, one foot in business and the other in pixels - are ready to help. We support, plan and work with you, and facilitate and ask the difficult questions, for you!

Know your customer

See declining sales numbers on top of an increasing number of complaints?

With us, attack outside and in, take responsibility for your current customers’ experience of going through your services. Together with an up-and-running real estate agency, we identify pain points, jobs-to-be-done, and opportunities for development on a journey map, to know how we must work differently to create the ideal effortless experience.


Unfold your market opportunities

Have a state of the art technology but stuck in what market to apply it?

The number one reason that ventures fail is due to insufficient knowledge about the market. With an IoT platform provider, we develop solutions inside and out by starting with your existing technology and identify the use and business case.


Plan of attack

Introduced a new process for employees but struggled with motivation to adopt it?

To make change happen, we need sponsors onboard and activists in place. Together with a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, we craft a communication plan, action plan and make the change touchable in the digital and physical spaces.


Build your springboard

Got that itch of a new business but have no clue of where to begin?

An entrepreneur approach us with a revolutionary idea; we help out with transforming it into a company by crafting a brand and a pitch deck.

Let’s talk GO.


Written by Fanny Carlsson, Senior Service Designer at Above